Magic Me Time: My favorite Lounge Set


There is nothing more satisfying to me than turning in early mid week. Gone are the days of happy hours turned into all out RAGERS. First, I'm old now, so trying to work the next day hunger over is not the best look for me. Second, which also ties to my age, I get so tired by 9pm. Wednesday nights have became my Magic Me time. I rest, relax and refresh. I usually wear comfy clothes and wrap myself up in blankets and anything else that makes me feel comfy and cozy. Special add ons to my night are anything lavender scented (calms the mind and soul) and a cold sleek satin pillow case. Also, I love having a bottle of crystal water near me since both water and crystals promote tranquility and health. Top it off with some fluffy sippers and I'm ready to relax with a audio book or some light meditation. What are your Magic Me Hour plans? 

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