"Style sees no Size"


Myrda started out as a Design Room Assistant at one of plus size clothing's power houses, IGIGI. She was approached by Yuliya, the designer herself, to apply and from then on, Myrda worked her way from the Design Room to Assistant Designer. She has also created and contributed countless designs for individual and start up design houses. Currently, she is designing and styling for big businesses such as Cirque, Coca Cola and the Disney Franchise. Myrda has been in the fashion industry for more than a decade and has expansive knowledge in all aspects of design. From conception to production, Myrda has had experience in making ideas into reality.

"Make a bold statement without saying a word"


During Myrda's designing career, she also fell into the wonderful world of styling which was actually her first love. From a very young age, Myrda had to make do with what she had. She learned very quickly that it is not what brand or type of clothes you wear that makes your style, it is how you wear it and more important, how you carry yourself. These key tools learned early on, took Myrda from picking out outfits and accessorizing at home to styling some of the highest profiled plus models to date. Her early love of fashion and intuitive nature on style helped aid Myrda to where she is today- Loving (not just accepting) how she looks, who she is and wants to show the world that they can have the same feeling too.

"A smile is the best accessory a person can have"

Myrda J wants to fulfill the fashion gap of fashion forward styles along with comfort and affordability for any woman who struggles finding clothes. Myrda came up with this idea after working and living in the plus size world. She felt that even though there were a variety of wonderful choices for the curvaceous woman, there still was not enough chic contemporary choices for her taste and her somewhat laid back style. She wanted to put fashion, comfort and affordability together to create a new breed of clothing for fashionistas out there. Myrda has had experience with every facet of the fashion industry and at the end her goal is to make women feel chic, comfortable and overall in love being in their own skin.