The PB & J of Trends: Downtown Las Vegas

It's not everyday you wear a sequin skirt or a nice pair of tailored pants. But hey! When you're in Vegas pretty much anything goes, so why not go hard or go home and wear your nice evening clothes with your everyday run of the mill graphic tees? It's like the PB & J of Fashion Trends. Take two trends that are separately great and put them together. Et Voila! Fashion goodness.

That is exactly what I did this past weekend when I was catching feels for Life and all its Beauty. Maybe it was the hint of base vibrating from the pavement in Downtown from all the happening festivals. Maybe it was the sudden change of weather from chokingly hot and humid to the first breezes of crisp, cool desert air. Or, maybe it's because I celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary with the man that I never expected to meet, let alone was fortunate enough to marry. Whatever it was, it gave me the energy to try out the "Casual Chick meets Fancy Nancy" look that I have been seeing all over Fashion Week. I am in no way Cara Delevingne or any of the Hadid sisters, so I was curious to see how this slim style looked on a not so slim (or tall) woman. With such a juxtaposition look, there was no better place to shoot than a juxtaposition place. Enter, Downtown Las Vegas. Where else can you find the old mixing in with the new? So I did like the scenery and mix and matched up one part fancy with one part causal.  The end look was a decadent surprise that I can only imagine the maker of the first PB & J sandwich tasted. Delicious! Have any of you tried this growing trend? Also, what graphic tees would you sport? Let me know in the comments below!

I am totally rocking an ATAT shirt


  1. I like to go with my Marvel graphic tee and a blazer at work!

  2. Love!!! We can totally shoot that next!!!!