Laced in, Laced Out: Nike Cortez by A.S.L

Last time I saw a Nike Cortez shoe was in 1998, my Senior year of high school. Mainly paired up with overly baggy pants with a meticulously ironed crease up the middle and a Dickie Shirt, these shoes were generally worn by the "Bad Boy Type" Cliques of High School Stereotypes. Can I get a "WESTSIDE!" Who would have thought that Ice Cube himself would live to see the same shoe that N.W.A sported during the birth of Gangsta Rap be worn in Terra Blush Pink, laced up on the delicate ankles of LA's socialites just like a ballerina. Move over Compton, cause this trend is brought to you Straight Outta Nordstroms. Check out the new Nike Cortez by A.S.L. Still the same silhouette with Swoosh, but with softer colors and a new styling trick borrowed from the Fall Runways. I myself, have not tried this style because I remember Cortez' to be under $50 in my youth, so I cannot bring myself to buy the new version for two times the price. However, do let me know in the comments below if you all would try this new fem look on an old hard classic. 


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