Downtown EAT

EAT @ Downtown Las Vegas 
 707 Carson Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

If you ever get to Vegas...and then, get to pry yourself away from the ever-so-soul sucking Strip of Desert called Las Vegas Blvd, then you most definitely have to visit Downtown. What was once a hot bed for old town gamblers, addicts, homeless and elderly women (of the night) is now the all time Mecca of Vegas Hipsters. It is the home of wonderful vibrant graffiti murals, Container Park, Vegas Tech heads, Zappos and their commander and chief Tony Hsieh. It also houses some of the BEST restaurants in town, one of them being eat. Umm, yes please! Just incase you were wondering that is how you correctly spell (eat.)

I got to finally check this place out when an friend from out of town visited. She was hipster chic, so bet your bottom dollar we were in downtown in no time. We decided on this place due to it's organic/granola/health junkie vibe. I was cool with any restaurant that served breakfast all day. It was a great experience from the time they accommodated my baby with stroller parking to when I ate every last bit of that enormous breakfast sandwich made from love and truffle oil. Swear to goodness we even had a server that looked just like Ramsay Snow which boiled our blood cause it was a couple of days after the "Sansa Incident."  But other than that slight set back, we had such a great time! Great company and Great Food! Let me know in the comments if you have have ever tired this place? Did you love it? and what did you have? 

Truffled Egg Sandwich

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