Working Girl Hues

Dress: Flying Tomato from Ross
Vest: Myrda J
Handbag: Vintage Givenchy
Belt: Myrda J
Shoes: Camomilla Love from Naples, Italy

I had a client meeting this past week in which I had to actually wear a dress and shave my legs (the horror!) I felt a little fat this particular day, so I opted to wear a loose chiffon dress that has been collecting dust in my closet. After dusting it off and finally turning the hanger to the correct side of the rack (to show that I have worn this garment within a year, so I don't have to donate it by end of December), I realized I looked like a sack of potatoes. To give myself a shape, I cinched my bloated midsection with a new belt from Myrda J (the shipment just came in!). I decided that the large gold studs on the belt made an edgy contrast to the dark navy schoolmarm dress I was now too lazy to change out off. After looking in the mirror again, I threw on a black vest and finished my modestly hued outfit with more touches of browns via beige shoes that I snagged for 8 Euros when I was in Naples and my second hand vintage Givenchy bag. The outfit ended up being an awesome color story that I a have ear marked for another modestly hued day. What are your wardrobe go to's for work and/or meeting clients? Are they a bit bland or more spicy? Let me know in the comments below!

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