Ladies Who Lunch: Giada @ The Cromwell

Last Friday I finally got to check out Giada @ The Cromwell. When you're a first time mother your social life totally files out the window and you barely have enough time to do daily necessities like making yourself look presentable, sleeping and eating..let a lone actually go to a sit down meal for lunch! Who has time like that? Obviously, I did! After loosing a bet to my Auntie, I was forced to find time and treat her and I to a well deserved girls day out. She picked Giada's restaurant located at the new Cromwell. My daughter and mother ended up coming along too and all in all we had a great time. Beautiful Ambiance, great food and refreshing drinks made such an amazing Social Lunch! A must to hit up if you are ever in Las Vegas! Interested in finding out more click here!

A Meal with A View: Drinking A Non Alcoholic Strawberry Lemonade

Muffuletta Sandwich with Zucchini Scapecce

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