Harem Don't Hurt Em'

Empire State Building (excuse the angle, my husband is way taller than me!)

Top- Myrda J
Vest- Forever 21 Plus
Harem Pants- Myrda J
Cross body- Rebecca Minkoff
Necklace -Dear Mina
Shoes- Target Mossimo 

While in NY, I decided to test try my new line coming out. I always try on what I design, so I can see if it is wearable and comfortable, as it is stylish. In my book, looking great isn't the only important matter that makes up a great outfit. Durability and Comfort come in as equal contenders to style any day! A garment has to look, last and feel great for it to be a good fashion investment. This particular New York day we headed for the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, so a great pair of walking shoes was my number one outfit priority. I settled on a great pair of ankle strap flats from Target. Still chic, but super walkable...and trust me, NY needs walkable shoes! Second priority was finding a breezy outfit that would not get me sweaty in New York's awesomely moist climate. I opted for my new printed chiffon drape top and knit harem pants. There was no way I was going to put on any of the jeans I packed and my only other option would be leggings or harem pants, so I thought why not harem? I topped it off with a black moto vest and complimented the browns in the top with my fav brown stone necklace from Dear Mina. I could have easily went with a black cross body bag, but I decided on the brown instead, so it wouldn't blend straight into the black of the vest. At the end, I had an overall great comfy outfit to go with my great touristy day! What do you wear for days that call for comfort? Let me know in the comments below! 

Slight change for Night! View fromthe High Line

Vest- Old Navy
Bag- Louis Vuitton
Shoes- Marc by Marc Jacobs

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