Jumper Round!

Black Tank: H&M
Black Criss Cross Chiffon Tank: Myrda J
Harem Pants: Forever 21 Plus
Belt: Myrda J
Earrings: BeBe
Handbag: Vintage Givenchy
Shoes: BCBG

This week was full of inconsistent weather changes, so I ended up wearing harem pants just incase Vegas decided to throw some winds during the day. I have been seriously searching for a jumpsuit that looked good on me, but my search was in vain. Since I am an oval, a lot of the jumpsuits I tried on were a bit tight around my middle and/or highlighted my tummy. I opted to make my own "jumpsuit" by pairing a top with harem pants in a similar color and binding it together with a wide statement belt. I added more gold with the earrings and wore my brown vintage Givenchy tote to give the outfit some contrast. Plus I needed to bring my Ipad, so no day clutch for me that day. I started off with the BCBG heels, but ended up with black ankle strap flats. Do you guys love the jumpsuit trend? And if so, have you found any luck finding them? 

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