Anime-Zing Garage Find!

Anime Tank Top- Urban Outfitters
Black tank-H&M
Blazer- Myrda J
Jeans- Old Navy
Day Clutch-Rebecca Minkoff
Shoes- Calvin Klein

I did some garage cleaning this past week to get some inventory to sell at my mom's community garage sale. During my fury of dust, sweat and memories I happened upon this awesome Anime shirt that I bought back in 2006 when I first moved to San Francisco. I tried the shirt on and hallelujah it still fits! A bit short for my taste now, so I wore a tank under it, slapped on some jeans and wore it around with beige flats for the daytime. When nighttime came I just added my trusty Myrda J Short Sleeve Blazer and beige heels. Still casual, but it was good enough for my husband and I's weekly Dinner Date at nearby Cafe! I will say that my confidence in high shoes have shattered since I took a face dive a month ago, so I brought along extra shoes just incase! What are your favorite Day to Night looks? Let me know down below in the comments!

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