Style of the Week: A Nod to Mod

Dress- Forever 21 circa 2003
Open Front Blazer- Myrda J
Necklace- Aldo & Goodwill
Boots- Groupon
Clutch -Tory Burch

Last week on my way to go looking for a new couch, I slipped and fell on the drive way while carrying my baby (Thank God she was in her carseat!). I landed on my knee and then my face and she landed correctly thanks to her Britax B Safe Carseat (not sponsored, I just love it!). As I rolled over onto my bum I decided that I will no longer wear heels if I am carrying my baby. And even though she didn't cry, it was just too close for comfort. This week I decided to keep my feet closer to the ground with these flat knee high boots (which also covers my big knee bruise) and a simple A Line dress that I have owned for ages. I paired a short sleeve open front blazer for a little bit more coverage and added two necklaces that I ended up taking off half way through the day. Avianna loves to yank on my necklaces, so I have been trying to limit them. I thought that this was a great dress/outfit for the warm, but scattered chill winds of Vegas! How about you? What was your fav outfit of the week? Don't forget to leave it in the comments below!

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