End of an Era: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I can still recall the first time I coveted a handbag that was not Dior, Vuitton or Gucci.  It was a rare sunny day in the City of San Francisco. I was at Union Square to soak up the sun when I first laid eyes on the most beautiful cross body bag that I had ever seen in my life.  Enter: The Natasha by Marc by Marc Jacobs. It was so cute. Ohmahgod I love it. I had to have it. These were my basic emotions when it came to anything Marc by Marc Jacobs. Their industrial accessories, crazy feminine flats and their awesome handbags crafted with buttery leather and the infamous Logo lining. Marc by Marc Jacobs was my ideal image of what a successful bridge line would be. And with it's downtown vibe and over all laid back aura, one must wonder when this gravy train of workwear metal, supple leather and granny print turned chic would ever end? Well unfortunately, it's sooner than you think. Read more on Marc Jacobs thoughts on why he wanted to off this Hipster Mecca here. Will you be sad to see this line go? Let me know in the comments below! I know I will be holding my current everyday bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs tight tonight. She will need a hug when she finds out her fellow handbags will be discontinued.

Marc by Marc Jacobs in SF 

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