Style of the Week: Back in Black with a Bit of Sparkle

Black Tank - H&M
Short Sleeve Blazer- Myrda J
Jeans- Torrid
Necklace- Express
Handbag- Dior

Sometimes a girl just needs some sparkle in her day! This week a great week to take my always casual look and brighten it up with some frosting. I'm a lover of basics, so it's no surprise that I wear jeans with a tank and a structured cover up, but this time I dolled it up with an over exaggerated statement necklace and sparkly heels. I paired it up with one of my fav Dior bags that completely matched the silver and black tone of my ensemble and I was ready to go to my meeting and run a couple of errands while the Mother watched the Baby! What's your fav look of your week? Don't forget to drop me a comment below and also! Don't forget to make bold statements without saying a word! 

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