Viva La Juicy? The End of an Era

Everyday I see signs of change. Signs that all point to me becoming an older and hopefully, a more wiser woman. Of all these changes (end of SATC, Crazy nights out with Girls and the inevitable bedtime change from 2am to 10 pm) I have always, always thought that the infamous brand which was "Made in the Glamorous USA" would be a permanent fixture in my life. From the first time I set eyes on their famous tracksuit with "Juicy" written in Old English script on the seat of the pants...I was hooked. Like obsessed hooked. My infatuation only grew deeper seeing the hottest celebs at that time wearing their velour suits tucked into their Uggs. In the words of Bella Swan. I only knew three things from that point on: I needed a track suit. I needed Uggs. I needed to look casual cool like the IT girls of the early 2000s.

Britney Spears

Carmen Electra


So it's not a complete shock at my sadness that Juicy Couture is closing down all of its US stores by the end of June. That is less than a week people! I knew that the company had some signs of trouble. Especially since they never got away from their signature tracksuits that became overpriced as soon as the economy went South, but I never in my wildest imagination thought that they will close down ALL OF THEIR US STORES. For now, they will still be sold at Kohls and their international stores will still be kept open, but I wonder how funny Market Street in SF will look without it's Juicy Store? How the Forum Shops will look without adolescent girls walking around with hot pink shopping bags scribed with gold lettering on it. I know that this brand was the girl equivalent to the boy's Ed Hardy, but it will always have a nostalgic place in my heart. So lets all say farewell to P&G in the most fashionable way! I will be doing it in my track suit, eating pizza and watching reruns of Sex and the City...thinking about my early 20s and how great the economy used to be. Enough to justify buying "couture house clothes" for $150 a pop! So Long's been Surreal!

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