Q&A with Lia & Emma by Guest Blogger Masha!

Gelateria Ciao Bei, Cala d' Or, Mallorca, Spain

It is 6pm and Noelia, the photographer, and I meet both models at the Gelateria  Ciao Bei in Cala d’Or (Mallorca). Lia arrives first and she is wearing a dark blue top and jeans, and she looks young and radiant. She orders a chocolate mint ice cream and we chitchat and laugh. We go through the Jazz photoshot images together while I ask her some questions.

Interview with Lia (model from Jazz Festival)

Me: Lia, please tell me a little bit about yourself. Are you from here or are you visiting?

Lia: My dad is from here, from Mallorca. My mom is from England, she was born near Manchester. My parents met when they were young, and my mom decided to come and live here. So I was born actually here in Spain.  And when I was little I started speaking English because my mom would speak to me in English.

Me: And you live here in Cala d’Or?

Lia: Yes. And I really really love it! I think it is a really beautiful town.

Me: What do you do here?

Lia: I study. I am in what it would be college in England. And I think it is junior year in high-school in America.

Me: What do you want to do next, after you finish high-school?

Lia: I want to study tourism. I want to be an Event Manager in the tourism industry.

Me: I want to ask you couple of questions about your shopping style. What is your favorite color in clothing?

Lia: It would be pink and white. I love everything that’s bright! In summer I normally wear shorts and a t-shirt or a nice top. And in winter it would be normally a jumper, a really warm jumper and jeans. And I love bracelets and necklaces!

Me: How do you shop? Do you go just any store or you have favorites?

Lia: No. I do not go just any store. My favorite shop is Forever 21, and then I really like Top Shop. And then there are Spanish shops like Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear.

Me: Do you find these stores here in Cala d’Or?
Lia: No. I never buy here. I normally go to Palma (Palma de Mallorca) or I buy in England. As for my style, I am a little bit of everything. One day I can dress really nice and really mature, and then another day I can change it to a lazy outfit.

Me: With a lot of pink?

Lia (laughing): No. I do not like when there is too much pink. For dress I think it is a nice color. But then I also like blue, light blue. I like light colors. I dress a lot of light colors and sometimes dark colours, it just depends on my mood. As for going shopping, I normally go with my friends.  We are couple of girls; we go together and have fun.

Me: Can you tell me a little bit about the photoshot that you just did for the Jazz Festival campaign for Myrda J. Was it your first modeling experience?

Lia: No, it was my second time. The first time it was with another photographer and it was because I won that contest and he took a few photos of me.  At first I was a bit nervous. I admit I was nervous, because it was something new. And then it just came naturally and I really enjoyed it. The outfits were very comfortable. It was really nice and I felt like I was just being myself.

Emma arrives wearing a colorful dress. She is coming straight from the beach. She is tanned, happy, and relaxed.  She goes through the pictures while I ask her some questions.

Interview with Emma (model from Summer In Mallorca video and Jazz Festival photoshot)

Me: Emma, can you tell us a little bit about your lifestyle in Mallorca and what you like about it.

Emma: I like it here because it is really relaxed. It is like a very slow pace of life.  You work, but you have fun as well. You have coffees, you go to the beach, you eat out quite a lot. It is just relaxed and fun!

Me: Talking about eating out, what is your favorite food?

Emma: Oh, food! My favorite is seafood. I like chipirones. And for dessert I like anything chocolaty. Definitely I love chocolate cake and brownies.

Me: And in fashion, what are your favorite colors?

Emma: I definitely love black.  I love black tops and I match them with different accessories. Then I like different bottoms. For summer I also like colorful things. I have lots of clothing in blues and in purples. And I prefer dresses over separates! Especially in summer I love dresses. You just throw it over the bikini and it is really easy. I go to the beach a lot. Every day. Right now I am coming straight from the beach.

Me: Do you dress up a lot?

Emma: At nighttime. Yes, at nighttime I like wearing high heels or boots. In the daytime it is just so comfortable to be in flip-flops.  And again, I go to the beach a lot. (laughing)

Me: Emma, tell me how do you feel about modeling. You now did both, the video and the jazz shoot for MyrdaJ.

Emma: I was really nervous. During the video filming I was really nervous. With the photos you know they can be edited. The video is different. You see everything. And it was my first time modeling and I was very nervous. However, at the end I had fun. Just at the end (laughing).  It was a long day for me. We met at 5pm and did all the make-up and hair in house and then we went to Cala d’Or and to the beach to film. It was quite a few hours of filming. But then it was fun.

Me: And the Jazz photoshot, how was it?

Emma (looking at Lia and laughing): It was good, wasn’t it? We had fun. Lia and me just had fun and Noelia (the photographer) took pictures. It was natural. We went for drinks, got some cocktails. We danced a little bit.

Me: Did you enjoy dancing?

Emma (slightly shy): I am not too much of a dancer, but I enjoyed it.

Lia: Well, I do dance. I dance hip-hop. I have my own crew back in Palma. I have been dancing now for nearly four years. 

We finish our ice-creams and coffees and write a postcard to Myrda, Sending her some smiles and sunshine from Mallorca!
Lia browsing through the Jazz in June Photos

"Wish you were here!" From Mallorca

Emma, Noelia & Lia

Map of Mallorca, Spain

The interview was taken by Masha Kubyshina who runs Yellow&Young Marketing Agency and manages MyrdaJ branding campaigns.

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