Ciao Bella! Florentine Style

Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Florence, Italy

Soaking in all of the history and culture

A replica of David (The real David is much bigger and is housed in the Accademia Gallery)

Repubblica Square

Tank top, Blue: Cynthia Rowley
Chiffon Hoodie: Plus 21
Stockings: Target Brand
Booties: Rock and Republic
Cross body: Tory Burch Amanda
Umbrella: Juicy Couture

Florentine Eats

Last year, my husband and I were fortunate enough to visit a gaggle of hotspots across the Mediterranean Sea. One of my all time favorites was Florence. Mainly because of all the awesome history, but truthfully its because of THE FOOD!!! Imagine pasta so light, it was down right dangerous just how much you can actually consume. Ah...just the thought makes my mouth water. This is why I am plus size! 

Another delectable Florentine treat is their production of quality leather and their chic urban, yet classic street style. When I found out we were planning on visiting Old Florence, I wanted to dress up a bit, but not so much as too be uncomfortable (those cobblestone roads hurt!). The weather was also a bit sketchy, so I choose to do layers for my outfit (a great trait I learned from living in SF for 7 years!). I wore a blue tank, shorts, stockings and a totally adorable chiffon drawstring hoodie that I purchased just for this trip. It's lightweight, stylish goes with a lot of outfits and is a great cover up for the humid chill that the sea can bring. I also always bring a light black scarf just incase of wind and rain. To finish my causal, yet stylish outfit off, I opted for my comfortable walking booties and a couple of stacked bracelets. Et Voila! I was ready to go see Old Florence comfortably, but also with a bit of stand-out chic!

Tell me about your favorite outfits that did you justice and kept you comfy during your exciting vacations! I love comments! and I love pictures! 

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