Top of the Shop for Yah!

Topshop is finally in SF (and in Las Vegas!) and I am in British Heaven! I am totally in love with their "Little Miss Proper meets Hard Rock & Roller" look. It is very remincent of British culture with royalities and vulgarities all in one brewing teapot of fun, fierce and fashion with a side of crumpets!Topshop is more like Britain's version of H&M, hip with the trends, but friendly on the cash flow. The only flaw? They brought their British prices with them across the pond and the convergance of currencies is in favor of the British Pound, not the American Dollar. In short, prices are a bit steep. Even with that little setback, I still love Topshop and urge every fashionable person out there to check out their merchandise. Their accessories are actually affordable for their quality and their awesomeness! So I usally take my budget basics and style them up with Topshop jewelry and headgear (I am so loving their headbands right now)! No worries if you don't have a topshop near you, then check out their online store cause their online store is pretty badass too! Let me know what you think about this mini British Coloney in fashion and/or your fave pieces! Enjoy!

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