Moving Sucks! But Snakeskin is In

It's like I'm on overdrive. It's the last leg of my moving and closing up shop in SF, so I know that I just have to work a little bit harder for only a couple more days. In direct result of all the mayhem, I haven't been posting, but I can't let my readers down, especially since I have acquired so many over this short period of time! (Makes me proud!) Well...since I still have to do a massive amount of work, this post will be short and sweet! Snake skin is in and it is hitting Fall in ssssuch a sssssultry way! Check out JcPenny's new Line of shoes from Cosmopolitan (as in the mag) that feature one of Fall's hottest trend....Ssssssnakes Ssssskin! Very on trend and VERY affordable! Enjoy!

<3 Myrda

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