Fall 2012: Hair today, Hair tomorrow

Sorry for the no posts this week, it has been Cray in the life of Myrda....hope this post makes it up to you all! Fashion advice plus video tutorials! I know! You're Welcome! =)

In fashion, clothing and accessories are not the only components of style. Hair plays a Major and I do mean Major part in looks and appearances. Sometimes you look great from head to toe and then sometime it looks like your neck threw up and your hair was strainer mesh that caught all of its contents. Truth is when you have a bad hair day, you usually have a bad day, hence the saying (duh!). That is whey I am excited that is Fall has very easy and somewhat low maintenance hair trends that any girl can do! I have also plugged in great links on 'How To's" on achieving each look! You're welcome! Which styles will you donn this Season and which ones are your faves? Leave some love on the comments sections! Happy Hairstyling and always make a bold statement without saying a word.

Bang! Bang!

Bob Modern: Fake it!

The Long Ombre
(although, I suggest you get it done by a professional)

High & Mighty

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