Fall 2012: Colors of Fall

Labor Day has passed which marks the beginning of Fall and it's not just the leaves that are changing colors! Check out what hues ran rampant on the Fall runways and one even broke one of the oldest Labor Day rules! Happy styling and welcome back to work!

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Black Beauties

Black is a huge statement color this Fall. Try it out as a sheer top or even with a Matrix touch of Leather which was also a highlight on the runways.

Winter Blues

It's actually more like Cobalt bright blues than it is depressing "slit my wrists" blues. Try it out in small doses if it's too bright. This cobalt blue would look great as a striking scarf or even a blue eye liner!

Icy Pink

As you can see the brights of Summer trend fit easily into Falls runways especially the fuchsias and hot pinks. More subdued pinks are also in, like the Bottega Venetta Sugar plum pink. These colors would be perfect as cover ups (cardigans and blazers) or statement jewelry pieces.

Grinch Green

Shockingly the traditional Holiday color of green made it into the mix, but it's not really the putrid "Ugly Sweater" green that was all the rage in the 80's. This green is more of a modern green worn in a monochromatical scheme by layering different colored greens or as big statement pieces like dresses and coats. Try this trend with tops especially sheer tops that can go underneath blazers and cover ups.

Mixed Cornucopia

Fall runways also brought in a catch all trend with mismatching fabrics and prints that surprisingly went well together. Since this is a tricky trend, try matching outfits by color and complementary colors. If you have a printed top with orange, then match it with a similar orange printed skirt and then accessorize it with more orange to make that statement color really stand out. Easier mixing and matching prints are stripes, polka dots and animal prints like cheetah. Good luck with this one and have fun, but not too much. You don't want to look like you stumbled into your closet and just ran out with whatever you have on.

Snow Whites

The old adage of no more white after Labor Day has flown out the window with this Fall's runway breeze. White was everywhere as well and this pale as pale color is mainly a head-to-toe trend. Try this trend out with white dresses or pants and color block it with black to make a strikingly bold contrast. Black belts, black boots and black vests make this look crisp and tailored.

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