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RED ALERT!!! Attention all fashion enthusiasts! A hybrid color has stolen the scene of the Fall Runways and it's a bloody muddy brew! It goes by the name of Oxblood, and it is the new it color of the season. And with complementary colors like reds, greens and oranges, it seems like it's going to stay for a hot minute. What is the color Oxblood exactly? Well.. its a type of reddish brown...picture a type of merlot or reddish rum if you will. A decedent rich red with brown tones. Check out this color trend, digest it and then try it out for yourself! Go know you want to!

You can jump in head first with an Oxblood Dress, or go in slowly by incorporating it in your wardrobe with just an Oxblood colored accessory like a fabulous Fall scarf. If all else fails you can try it out as a shoe matched with a grey or black outfit, or just simply pair it up with denim. Denim is the new black, if you hadn't heard already! In any clothing case, just go for it and have fun! Let me know what colors you will sport this season! Happy Fall!

<3 Myrda J

Fall 2012 RTW: DKNY, Elie Tahari, Gucci, Nina Ricci

Scarf- Modcloth
Pants- Lulus
Dress- Lulus
Blouse- Modcloth

Quick Style Tip: Match up Oxblood garments with other reads to show off a monochromatic scheme. Ombre and layers go great for this Fall season!

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