Trend Spotting: Summer Baggage

My Michael Kors Commute Tote

Designer handbags to women are a necessity not a luxury. Okay, I'm lying. It's actually the other way around, but I (and a lot of other ladies out there) would beg to differ! Designer handbags are one of the things that make me swoon. Swoon? Yes, swoon. When I am having a bad day cause some jackass stole my seat on Bart, my Chanel can literally make me smile and change my mood. Crazy? I think not. We as women, and some fashionable men are included here, keep our lives in our handbags, so why not keep our most valued possessions in a stylish carrier? That is why I spend more on my handbags then I do on my clothes, handbags can last for seasons, unlike trendy apparel that can be old news by next week. Three handbags made the cut to still be fabulous for the Fall season and they are: Cross Body's, Clutches and Totes. Check out my picks for this Summer/Fall sensations!

<3 Myrda J

 Best In Tote: Luis Vuitton Neverfull GM $900
Great for any extended weekend getaway or even a daily 
commuter carry all.

Cross Body Cutie: Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha $368
Awesome for any weekend excursions to the park,
 beach, fair, zoo and beyond!

Classic Anytime Clutch: Tory Burch Reva Clutch $325
Perfect for day to night transitioning and if you already have the 
oh-so-coveted Reva Flats, then why not have a matching clutch? 

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