Plus & Posh: Girls with Curves

Times-are-a-changing and one clear cut sign of this is our image of beauty. The world is finally starting to accept that women naturally have curves and if you are larger than a size 0 you are still beautiful. So I have decided to style up some quick savvy looks for all my curvy girls out there! 

God knows that my weight has fluctuated my whole life and that I have never been a stick thin girl. I have always been on the healthier side and found it hard to find clothes especially since I have always been a 14/16. YUP! I said it! I am beautiful, proud, married and not one bit ashamed to say that I am the average size of America. It wasn't always this way for me though. Like most girls growing up,  I tried everything to lose the weight.  In the end? I finally got down to a size 8 in my early twenties! However, I was starving, unhappy and bitchy to anyone and everyone- Just to be a size 8! So one day,  I gave up and ate my weight in food and gained 20 lbs more than I originally started with. That was when I was like "Fuck it!" I am a size 12 and I am happy to be a 12. Don't get me wrong, I still tried to watch what I ate, get my 30 minutes of exercise  in per day, drink my water and get my fruits & veggies on, but I never cared about my weight again. Most people thought I was delusional, but I knew that this is who I am and for once I found peace in it and I did not care if anyone else thought I was pretty because I myself finally did. From that point on I never looked back, but of course from time to time I have my spurts of wanting to be a size 4 and/or I get down on myself for being bigger than some of my friends, until of course dinner time hits and I eat a slice of pizza and I thank God that it's not a salad with no meat, no cheese, no dressing and no taste. Then I think to myself that fact alone makes me think that it's worth it to be a little bit bigger. 

Check out my styled LBD with curves Look!

<3 Myrda J

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LBD- Forever 21 $19.80
Drape Blazer- Avenue $ 34.96
Necklace- Forever 21 $ 6.80
Black Bracelet- Forever 21 $10.80
Gold Bow Bracelet- H&M $6.95
Studded Shoe- LuLus $69.00

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