Life: Two Very Unexperienced Sitters and a Baby

I have not had anytime at all for new posts because life has been haphazardly happening. August has been a very busy, busy month and even though I had photo shoots, work, shopping, returning, and a whole mess of other things to do, we still found time to babysit our adorable nephews (a 2 year old and an 8 month old) this past weekend. It was really no big deal right? We have babysat for them a couple of times and we felt courageous enough to do it for the weekend for around 6 hours each day.  Everything was great...until the inevitable happened, the 8 month old finally pooped! Phil (hubby) and I freaked out. We had both NEVER ever had to change a diaper before in our lives, let alone a stinky poopy one. While the little one cried in his crib cause he needed to be changed and the older one ran around the house yelling, "Stinky! Stinky!" My husband and I had to put our heads together and think. We individually tried to do it, but being in our 30's, not having kids of our own and not being "baby proficient" and having gag reflexes at an all time high proved to be a big FAIL. After 5 minutes of strategizing we finally came up with a plan. We got some Bath & Body Spray Mist, I believe it was Sweet Pea, and began spraying (carefully not spraying the baby) around the room and around his crib. Then we misted two long sleeve shirts from the 2 year olds closet with a Sweet Pea & Febreze combo mix, tied it around our noses and it was on like Donkey Kong. We were just like the US Army. We got in and got out. We picked up the crying kid with our homemade gas masks and laid him on a towel. Phil held his hands while I bravely went where I have never gone before. I changed the diaper, wiped, put a new one on and in less than a minute flat we were done! Phil threw the stinky diaper away and I put the baby to sleep! Of all the things that I have done this past week, month or even year, I was most proud about accomplishing this! I also realized that I couldn't have chosen a better partner in life. One that will always help me out, have my back and be the best accessory a gal can have- a fabulous husband! Its moments like these that trumps posting about the latest trend or fads, when your life already has a stable classic in it that goes great with everything!

<3 Myrda J

Phil with our homemade masks and our spray

Phil and I after Code Brown Mission

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