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Denim, denim everywhere and not a drop to spare. SF is totally in casual mode this Summer and their fav staple mainstay is the US's go to fabric-Denim! Go Team USA! This summer we went from every colored skinny jeans, button up chambray shirts, denim vests, denim jackets and even denim blazers. It's almost like an 80's revival, but like to the max (in my Valley girl voice). So with all this generous helping of jean, what can go wrong? Lots! Wear denim tastefully with these simple Dos & Don'ts.

DON'T try to match the denim together. Texas tuxedos are never in style. Never.

DO break it up. Jean on top, different fabric on bottom or if you really want to wear an all around denim outfit, make sure the colors are opposite of each other. One always has to be a darker hue than the other. Also, heavier weight denims should be paired with light weight denims. Heavy on heavy looks looks awkward not fashion forward.

DON'T wear cowboy boots with denim on denim.Unless you're going for a Down South feel and/or going to a Hoedown, don't over play the trend. You want an outfit, not a costume.

DO break up the look with accessories like a striking belt, a great bracelet, a statement ring, an awesome necklace or all of the above!

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DO have fun with with styling and like always! 
DON'T forget to make a bold statement without saying a word! 

<3 Myrda J


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