I See London, I see France

Happy Olympics! And let the odds ever be in your favor! Whoops...WRONG games! In any case the Hunger Games, much like the Olympics started the ceremonies off with bright lights, music, a torch and Fashion! Each team proudly sported their Olympic uniform which was designed by one of their own and proudly strutted down to show their pride. Ralph Lauren designed for the US, Stella McCartney for the UK, Giorgio Armani for Italy, Rajo Laurel for the Philippines and so on.

Team USA by Ralph Lauren

London street style however is very different from the puffy silver jackets the the Brits paraded down to during the Opening Ceremonies. When I was there in May, I noticed that they have more of a hard rock & roll edge with outfits made up primarily of boots, tights and leather jackets-all in black of course! Colors only came by their core apparel whether it was their dresses, tops, tees or hair! Either way I was a smitten kitten with the all the urban UK fashion. I love black, leggings and boots and totally fit in! Then, I got to Paris and the look changed from hard to soft. Parisians wore delicate tones ranging from paler color palettes to softer fabrics. They traded in their leather for chiffon and wore it with a type of  "Je ne sais quoi" that only Parisians can exude. Full chiffon skirts and soft sweaters was the look du jour and even when they did wear something hard like denim, they softened it with a light weight tailored blazer, a statement necklace (in gold) or a floral printed scarf and polished heels. Tre effin chic! Needless to say, I stuck out like an American, especially with my American husband and his Hulk Hogan shirt (I know, I know!) From city savvy London to gay ole' Paree and back, I love watching and following style. Don't forget to try some of these looks  and always make a bold statement without saying a word. Go Team USA!

<3 Myrda

Londoner on the tube

Paris girls in Montmartre

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