Haute Couturier: Monsieur Gaultier

Campaign for Coke, we saw this all over London in May 

Fashion is art. Actually, in my opinion, it's better than art. Why? Because we live in it. Plain and simple. One of the many joys of living in such an awesomely cultured and artistic city like SF, is the fact that we have such great museums like the De Young at Golden Gate Park. Ever since I was introduced to the De Young during it's Vivienne Westwood Display, I was like a fish. Hooked. Lined. And Sinkered. After that I attended every other single Designer exhibition which brings me to the case in point, the De Young's most recent display: Jean Paul Gaultier. He is a genius! It was like no other exhibit that I saw. Very interactive and "user friendly." Ever since I went to the exhibit all I  have been wanting to do is post about it, but I thought otherwise and decided that I didn't want to spoil the awesome surprise that was in store, so I waited until it closed its doors to do my post and show my slideshow! For anyone who didn't get to make it to this Gaultier Exhibition, try to make it to any future ones because this one was Fantastic! There are no words for being in the same room as Madonna's infamous Blond Ambition Tour Corset or seeing some of the actual costumes from the movie Fifth Element. Even the talking mannequins were innovative as well as the faux runway show. Either way you slice and dice this exhibit, it was fabulous from every angle. My only regret was that I didn't get to see it again before it packed up and left. Some things you just have to have twice- that's how amazing it was!

<3 Myrda

Enjoy the slides, it's nothing like seeing the exhibit, but it's a good alternative!

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