Designer Vs Deals: Sole Searching Fall 2012

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The days are getting shorter, the leaves are starting to turn color and the cool breeze is finally coming upon us which means one thing, Fall is coming! The best thing about Fall is obviously the Fall Collections and the second best thing? The accessories that supplement the Fall collections! Growing up in Vegas, it was always hot, so hot that wearing bracelets and earrings made of metal would be hot to the touch, so accessories during the Summer months was usually a no go. BUT! When Fall and Winter came around I could finally accessorize with not only jewelry, but scarves, gloves, hats and boots too (I LOVE BOOTS!). Fall was and still is an amazing time for me that is why I am so excited to post about Fall Shoe Trends for this year. I am no Carrie Bradshaw or Emelda Marcos, but as a stylist, all I do is buy accessories like shoes and jewelry, day in and day out, so it's safe to say that....I know my shoes! The Fab Five Fall Shoe Trends are:

Wedges with a Point!

And point well taken! The wedge made a serious comeback 
the past two seasons, but this Fall the toes are becoming more modern and 
straight to the point!

Boots with the Fur... and Lace Ups!

American rugged is definitely a Fall 2012 staple and what better way
to match all the rustic sweaters and woodsy plaid than to pair them up with 
lumber jack lace up boots...with heels!

Designer: Rachel Zoe Piper Boot $525

Strap On Stilettos

High heels have been in demand for the past three years and this Fall nothing
has changed! High heels are still all the rage, but this shoe trend is all
about the straps around the ankles. One strap, two strap or three, as long
as your ankles are locked and loaded, then this style is ready to go!

Cap in your Toe Flats

This Fall, the ever so feminine flats got a good hard edge to itself 
and went good girl gone bad! This once girly-girl go too shoe, got a metal
make over complete with spikes and capped toes! Feel free to wear with
a black leather jacket on the back of your boyfriends chopper!

Designer: VC Signature Carrie Flat $195

and it comes in different colors!

Second Skin Knee High Boot

Shocker! Knee high boots made it into the Fall trends. Who would have
thunk? This is definitely a Fall staple, so feel free to splurge a little
when it comes to getting these. Quality boots are always trendy in my

Any other Fall Shoe trends that you think I missed? Leave them in the comment box and I'll be sure to find a deal on them! 

<3 Myrda J

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