Trend Spotting: Sheer Curiosity


Sheer is here! The masses have spoken and chiffon is what's for Summer! Everywhere around SF and nationally, I have been seeing more and more sheer garments which in turn means, more and more skin! Check it out and then try it out! Literally, let the sheer appear via a top or the most sought after bottom sheer, which is usually a short skirt with a sheer longer skirt overlay. Embrace this trend and have fun with it because the last time it was here was nearly 2 decades ago in the mid to early nineties! Like! Hello! Can you say Cher from Clueless? Sheer-io Chaps and keep rocking a bold statement through your clothes with out saying one word!

<3 Myrda
Clueless 1994

Sheer Bottoms 

Sheer Garments

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