Knock Knock! Guess who? Opportunity!

This year has been a whirl wind of change and the operative word of opportunity! When I finally wanted fashion to be a background presence in my life instead of the controlling factor that it had been for the past half decade, it, being fashion, decided to be a main stay. Never look a gift horse in the mouth my husband always says, so never did I look or question all of the fashion opps that are finally rolling my way (styling, video editing and even production). This last MAJOR..and I do mean MAJOR opportunity came in the form of being in a reality show on a cable network as a part of a collective group of fashion people. Who and what it was for? I am not at liberty to say and as much as I would have loved (LOVED!) to sign my life off to the ever present media devil, I didn't. More so I couldn't. My boss would not let me have the days off to do such a hectic production and now I am left to wonder if I should have fought harder to keep fashion in the background or should I have answered the door when opportunity was knocking? What I do know is that I hope this wasn't the last door, but only the first of many doors to go knocking!

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