The House of Mouse: Disney's Club 33

Club 33 is mostly only known to their members, celebrities and  Disney fans. They do not advertise. They do not play favorites. And most important, they do not stray from rules. There is a 14 year wait to get into this secret club and along with it a hefty price tag of 7k for initial fees and 3k per year. What do members get in return? Free entrance with no blackout days among many other perks, and exclusive reservations to their dining establishment: Club 33. It is a fairly nonchalant doorway with a simple sign that says Club 33 found in New Orleans Square to the left of the Pirates Exit in 1998 when I first noticed this Club. I would have never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have a once in a lifetime chance to dine at this very coveted, very privileged House of Mouse, but on February 25th, I did. Check out my pictures of Club 33 where even the biggest die hard Disney fans won't have a chance to see unless they have a reservation. No exceptions!

The Infamous Glass Lift

Club 33's Decadent Decor

2012 Lunch Menu

 Appetizer Buffet: Shrimp, Crab, Lobster & more

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  1. omg, thank you for posting these, Myrda! i love it! would totally like to have lunch here someday!