All My Single Ladies!

To all of my wonderful SINGLE GALS!!! This book is for you!

If you don't you do! I am an avid reader of feel good, love my life, chicklit and this book that I just finished (on Bart as it was just coming to my stop non the less!) is a must read! I love! Love! Love it! Very brilliant indeed. It comes from British author Lindsey Kelk and it is chalk full of relatable moments in a gal's relationship. She nailed 90% of women and their gay counterparts to a T. Thoughts, sayings and all! She even makes you a little Brit savvy with all the wonderful terminology that is funny not only in London, but anywhere else, especially on CAR 7 of the Richmond BART train at 8:46am and 5:16pm which is where I read this couldn't put down novel. So to all my girls, get your bucket lists out for being single and get to it! Don't forget to cross this Book off your list!

Love - Myrda

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